The following NYARBB position statements, formerly displayed here on this blog, have now been moved to the new NYARBB main site:

Comments welcome, here on this blog, in response to all the above position statements.


NYARBB is no longer just a concept. Last week we began doing serious outreach.

A major focus of ours, for now, will be on opposing the spread of “Illuminati” claims, which are similar to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion except that, instead of Jews, “Illuminati” claims typically scapegoat Pagans, occultists, “Satanists,” and atheists, and typically also allege that modern social reforms, such as feminism and gay rights, are part of an elite conspiracy to destroy America. Though currently a fringe phenomenon for the most part, we feel that such bigoted claims, in the era of the Internet, should not be ignored, especially when they are promoted outside of the religious right wing circles from which they emanate.